Choosing Between Contact Lenses and Glasses

Both glasses, (spectacles), and contact lenses use a lens, albeit of different size and in a different position, to enable the eye correctly focus images on to the retina and achieve clear vision, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

For many people the choice is clear nowadays, since contact lenses have become cheaper, and disposable ones are available that are easier to put in and more comfortable to wear than they used to be.

A lot of people simply don’t like wearing glasses because they feel that it detracts from their appearance, making them look “geeky” or “bookish”. There buy valium some attractive frames around, though, and manufacturers try hard with glamorous models wearing specs in adverts to make them appear more attractive, but it is probably true that most people look better without glasses than with them. Certainly for children at school it is a relief for them not to have to wear glasses that can encourage ridicule from their friends. In the case of someone who is severely short-sighted, their glasses would need to be exceptionally thick and thus tend to make their eyes look smaller. Contact lenses leave you free to choose any style of frames for sunglasses without limitation, and in addition you can even alter the apparent colour of your eyes should you so desire.

With improving technology buy xanax online no prescription has become possible to produce contacts that are lighter and softer, and so most people who normally wear glasses can easily adapt to them and usually find there are tangible benefits other than the aesthetic considerations.

Contact lenses sit right on the cornea of the eye and thus provide more natural vision than buy xanax online. Objects appear, distortion free, in their correct size and position, and peripheral vision is much better. With glasses, peripheral vision is often somewhat limited by the frames and also by some distortion at the edge of the lenses, so that you may have to move your head more to see clearly.

Another big advantage of contacts is that they allow you to play sports more easily since they stay put when you move around quickly, and are not subject to falling off as are spectacles. A professional footballer would certainly be laughed off the pitch if he came on wearing glasses! There is virtually no weight with contacts at all whereas some glasses can press on the bridge of the nose or ears somewhat, and be rather irksome, as well as needing cheap tramadol from time to time.

Going out in the rain or snow with glasses can be trying because they constantly collect precipitation moisture on the lenses causing blurring of vision, and windscreen wipers for glasses have yet to be invented. Contact lenses remain unaffected by weather conditions, and also by changes in temperature which can cause condensation on glasses when coming in from the cold to the warm.

Both glasses and contact lenses need a certain amount of care,although with modern disposable contacts there is virtually no maintenance since you wear them for a day and then simply throw them away.

Glasses have long been the traditional way to correct your eyesight, but many are now opting for the better, in most people’s opinion, choice of contact lenses which are more natural and less obtrusive.